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Pat and Rob
This is it folks, this is war, this is what we have been waiting for. But it is not about armed insurrection, which is what some people foolishly think I am advocating, it is a war of ideals. Nor is this about me leading with my chin in a vain attempt to bring together the Veterans. That community is too fragmented and being actively subverted by the government to keep them from unifying. I am standing up to lead a revolution, a Revolution in the Democratic Affairs of Canada!

There is no Chain of and per se, because this is a guerrilla war I am launching. Rather, I am leading a Gorilla War, in that I think if I can get enough followers on Twitter I will become the 800 pound gorilla in the room whom they won't be able to ignore! I figure a million followers on Twitter will give me the moral authority to push government into making the bureaucracy fully transparent and accountable for malfeasance and incompetence.

This is not about Veterans because, as Fantino said, the majority of Veterans are OK with the New Veterans Charter. That's because the vast majority of Veterans have not been sickened, injured or disabled in the line of duty. This isn't about disabled Veterans either, it's about a government who denies the existence of a social contract to care for Veterans who have had their lives destroyed at their behest. If the government denies any duty of care for the Veterans they have broken, what hope do those civilians have that the government embraces any duty of care for the less fortunate and disabled Canadians. I am hoping that all Canadians who have physical, psychological, emotional, social, cultural or learning disabilities, have family members with such challenges and/or advocate on their behalf will rally together with me. I want to force the bureaucracy to be fully transparent and accountable, especially on issues of misinformation, disinformation, privacy violations and incompetence. I strongly believe that will actually level the playing fields for people who challenge the government of the day.

Joining my Rebel Gorilla Army by following me on Twitter @PatStogran will not detract from anybody's ability to fight the good fight on behalf of their cause. Even if I am wrong and a million followers do not give me the moral-suasion I think it will so I can be a catalyst for everyone's change, it will offer us a degree of solidarity and I will preserve the flexibility to choose an alternative course of action to achieve the same end!

This is not about and I am not interested in politics. I think a transparent and accountable bureaucracy would benefit all parties except the incumbent during the term that we force the change. Then it will be back to business as usual for them bullying, backstabbing and embarrassing each other without being able to lie or cheat Canadians with the complicity of senior public servants.

So all you have to do is follow me on Twitter @PatStogran and introduce me on Twitter to people who, like us, also want to improve our democratic institutions. I am also prepared to travel and meet with groups to discuss this initiative. I will travel on the real cheap, but would need some assistance to offset some of my expenses. I will leave Apollo at home, but I travel with a guitar.

Col (Ret) Pat Stogran

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